40 years
in Eastern Belgium

Our expertise

Our company is about to mark 40 years in precision industrial mechanics: machining, machine welding and the manufacture of medium-sized and large metallic pieces – and in a wide array of materials: steel, stainless, non-metal, etc.

Our equipment

Courtesy of a combination of digital and conventional machinery steered by experienced operators, DMPI is a partner of choice for the production, repair and/or adaptation of large pieces as well as pieces in small series, even by the unit.

Our customers

DMPI serves a diverse industrial clientele,  with numerous applications in different fields:  civil engineering, space optics, metallurgy, extraction, medical, environment, energy, haulage, sawmills, etc.

Our coverage

Based in Eastern Belgium, DMPI is mostly active in Benelux and Germany and currently employs 15 persons on 4500 m2


Some of the customers & partners
who place their trust in us


DMPI, from design
to realisation

A partner to industry, DMPI is able to take charge of all stages of your project! Based on models or partial layouts, our designers realise overall and detailed layouts, including in 3D. Our sheet metal department is responsible for the reel-to-reel materials intended for machining or machine welding. Next, our teams proceed with realising and assembling the group, in our workshops and/or on site.

Our Location

DMPI is a company that specialises in the machining and manufacture of metal pieces of all varieties.